Archive Manager

Powerful archive file extractor that supports up to 70 archive file formats. It’s an online RAR extractor, ZIP file opener, and an all-around online unzipper.


How to Use the Archive Manager

In extracting archive files, select an archive file (ZIP, RAR, 7ZIP, ZIPX, DMG, etc.) from your computer, Google Drive, or Dropbox, and upload it to the Evano platform. If you’re creating an archive, upload all your files the same way.
Apply Options
Apply the appropriate options for “extracting” or “creating”.
Download File
Download the archived file or extracted files straight to your device.

Because we are living in the Internet age, it is an absolute must to compress a file before uploading it or attaching it, perhaps, to an email. This will save you bandwidth and make everything quicker. And as you may agree, time is the most valuable commodity.

Of course, you may already have one installed in your PC, but can you do the same operation on your phone (or any device) without having to install an archive file extractor/creator app? Yes, you can! With Evano’s online Archive Extractor, you now have the luxury to unzip files as quickly as you had them. Our platform functions as a ZIP extractor, RAR unzipper, 7Z opener and supports up to 70 formats!

What is an Archive Extractor?

Before answering that question, let’s first define what an archive file is. An archive file is a file that is comprised of one or more computer files, including metadata. Archive files are used to compile multiple data together to make one compressed file. Archive files are created to use less storage space; the lesser the space, the more files you can store.

Now, on to the question “What is an Archive Extractor?” An archive extractor is a tool that can decompress or extract all kinds of archive files. Some of the most common archive file formats are RAR, ZIP, EXE, 7Z, and more. That’s why colloquially, an archive extractor may commonly be referred to as RAR extractor, Zip Extractor, or a file unzipper.

Evano Archive Extractor online FAQs:

How to open zip or unzip files online free?

Here is how to unzip files online for free using Archive Extractor in two easy steps:

1. Select the Zip file you want to unzip and upload to the Evano online archive extractor platform.

2. You may choose to download a specific folder or all files as a ZIP archive.

3. Click “Extract” and in a few moments, you may download the extracted files to your device.