Terms of use

By accessing and using the services of Evano, you are demonstrating that you have agreed to be bound by our Terms of Use specified below. You also accept and agree that we may revise our Terms of Use from time to time if the need arises. These changes will be explicitly indicated along with the effectivity date at the top of this page. By continuing to use and access our service, it is a clear indication that you have agreed to be confined by our to the revised Terms of Use.

Accountability With Data Maintenance

We urge you to keep a copy of your personal files since we do not secure backups for your files for privacy reasons. We make sure that we provide you the best service but we cannot fully guarantee that the input or output files of the user will not be deleted, lost, or damaged. By using our service, you accept that we are not responsible and accountable if such things happen to your files. Thus, we strongly encourage you to keep copies of your files, especially if it contains important or sensitive information.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. Please read our Privacy Policy here.

Rules on Copyright

Evano respects the intellectual property rights of other people and requires that our users do the same. Please, do not use our services and intellectual property to commit any form of copyright infringement, as well as actions such as unauthorized reproduction or distribution. You should also know and accept that any copyrighted materials or trademarks appearing on our website are our property or by our partners; hence, it is protected by law.


There are cases when we will give you back your money for the paid service provided you write a claim that specifically states the exact time and date of the incident and a valid reason for claiming a refund.

However, we will not issue a refund in the cases mentioned below:

Error in converting DRM-protected media

Error in converting password-protected archives or documents

Dissatisfaction of the uploading speed

Error in converting corrupted files


If Evano fails to enforce a right or conditions in this Terms of Use shall not be considered as a waiver of such right or conditions.

This Agreement

The above-mentioned Terms of Use are the complete and exclusive agreement between Evano and you, as the user. These Terms overrule any previous agreements between you and Evano. Additional terms and conditions may be enforced on you if you use or buy certain aspects of Evano’s services. You are being made aware that we reserve the right to cancel any of these communications if we find any violation of the policies mentioned above.

If you have any questions about our terms of service, please contact us for additional information. If you have complaints regarding the misuse of our product and services, please send the details of the allegations though [email protected]. Every complaint will be investigated and may result to the revocation of our services without warning.